Employees of the transport companies Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs GmbH (SWEG) and SWEG Bahn Stuttgart GmbH (SBS) are going on strike today.

“There will be restrictions on all routes where the SBS and SWEG drive,” said the deputy chairman of the GDL district south-west, Danny Grosshans, the German press agency on Wednesday morning. The strike was supposed to start at 3 a.m. Grosshans was initially unable to provide any information on the number of participants in the early morning. Train travelers in the south-west would have to be prepared for disruptions in rail traffic for an indefinite period of time from today.

The reason is that the GDL train drivers’ union called for the fifth time train drivers, train attendants, workshop employees, trainers, employees of the SWEG customer center and dispatchers of SWEG and SBS to a strike. In the past few weeks, the GDL has repeatedly called for warning strikes and, after a ballot, for strikes at SWEG. According to its federal chairman Claus Weselsky, the GDL does not want to allow any unequal treatment in the collective bargaining agreements in the companies SWEG and SBS.

SWEG had already announced in advance that operational disruptions in its networks were to be expected during the strike period as a result of the industrial action. The Münstertalbahn is served by emergency bus services. Stronger strike effects are to be expected in the Stuttgart network/Neckar valley of the subsidiary SBS. Passengers were asked to find out about their connections before boarding.