Rigmanden Lars Seier Christensen was furious about not getting the Formula 1 for Denmark.

But today he is relieved that the city of Copenhagen stopped the project, which would have Kevin Magnussen and the other Formula 1 stars to run the race in the streets of the capital.

It was otherwise a both disappointed and upset Lars Seier Christensen, who had to watch her and her business partner Robert Sanders dream of a Danish Formula 1-race, die at the Copenhagen city Hall.

But now have it in the on-going coronakrise turned up and down on rigmandens thoughts about the failed plans.

It writes Lars Seier Christensen, in a posting on Facebook.

“We tried to overcome all possible challenges by getting Formula 1 to run in the streets of Copenhagen. But we did not coronaen come. When it came to the crunch, we were not allowed to go ahead with the project.”

“I was very disappointed at the time, but right now I’m actually quite happy that we are not stuck with a cancelled project to 100 million. dollars (6-700 million. kr. ed.) 26. July this summer,” concludes the former co-owner of Saxo Bank.

Lars Seier Christensen’s prediction about a cancellation of a potential Formula 1 race in July is not entirely wrong.

Until now all the Formula 1 races forward to the month of June either cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Recently, it was Canada’s Grand Prix, which was postponed on Tuesday. It should be run in the middle of the month of June.

Lars Seier Christensen has, however, continue to walk in several sports activities with the way Rungsted Seier Capital and a World Tour cycling team with Bjarne Riis.