Stale Solbakken gives a clear message. He would like to give his side of the story.

‘If Steve Morgan had kept it, he had promised, it was probably gone better,’ it sounds it from him.

The current FC Copenhagen manager responds in a text message to the Norwegian TV 2, which has asked the Norwegian to pill a little in one of the less successful adventure in trænerkarrieren: the short stay in Wolverhampton for soon eight years ago.

In the podcast ‘The Molineux View’ provides that the owner of the club, the top businessman Steve Morgan, namely his assessment of why Stale Solbakken failed after appointment in may 2012.

“I don’t think that Solbakken would settle down in England. The family and the wife never came. When we had the interview with him, he told that they were going with, but in fact it was never,” says Steve Morgan in the podcast, according to Norwegian TV 2:

“He went home to the family in Norway every other week and beat the never roots in England. The team had it tough as a result of it. I don’t think he set out into the English culture.”

Stale Solbakken does not agree. And he has a few other suggestions on why the Norwegian-british cooperation was so short in the Championship club, who had moved out of the Premier League.

‘We failed with a speedy recovery, but it was not for the reasons that Morgan is coming with: We had to introduce a new style of play and get the new implemented with the old guard. It was not successful. For many of the purchases were not good enough for various reasons,’ says Stale Solbakken:

‘the Transition from the football, they had the game, was too big. The owner was too impatient and changed the constant direction and meaning. It was not better, after we got fired half-way.’

Stale Solbakken points out, furthermore, that the sale of three key players from the previous season – Steven Fletcher, Matt Jarvis and Michael Knightly – also left its clear traces and changed the premises. Not least because erstatningerne therefore largely not be able to fill in the gaps.

‘And it was here that we failed: Namely to get the players integrated quickly enough with them, which was still in the club,’ assessing Stale Solbakken.

Stale Solbakken was sacked in Wolverhampton in January 2013, after almost eight months in managerjobbet. At the time of a 18.-space. When the season ended, was the team number 23 and moved the words out and down in the third row.

today, everything looks completely different in the English club. Steve Morgan sold in 2016, its stake to chinese Fosun International, and with the new capital in the back is Wolves are currently on a sixth place in the Premier League.