Director Matteo Garrone spoke about his new film

Why do the international premiere of the film you chose “Berlinale”? You are always well received at the Cannes film festival. And I heard that the movie really wanted to get to Venice in 2019.

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Matteo Garrone: We released the film in Italy as wanted – 19 Dec Christmas because this is a family movie: both for children and for adults. And Italians love to go with the whole family to this movie in the Christmas holidays. And the Cannes film festival would have made an international premiere at the end of may, when most Italians are already at the beach. And we wouldn’t have gotten that audience as a Christmas rental.

So that’s why your picture was not included in the main competition of the Berlinale, and was in the “Special screenings”?

Matteo Garrone: of Course! After all, the movie was at the Italian box office.

Before “Pinocchio” taking a picture “Dogman” about the dog groomer’s. This film won two prizes in Cannes and the highest award of the European film Academy. Now why you decided to make a film-a fairy tale? You continue to be concerned about the theme of the little man?

Matteo Garrone: I read the book about Pinocchio, when I was six years old, and this story has stayed with me forever. The film, which you mentioned, “Dogman”, is also a kind of modern fairy tale. As with my other films like “Reality” and “Gomorrah”. Five years ago, I again picked up the “Pinocchio” – this time the old original edition, and received inzmoznosti to tell the tale and surprise the audience as was surprised myself. Because in the book a lot of things I didn’t remember. And I so wanted to film it, so it was unusual, and truthful in relation to Collodi’s masterpiece, because he is a great classic of Italian literature.

How would you describe the visual style of your film? How to do makeup? Dolls?

Matteo Garrone: Oh, it wasn’t easy. We did a lot of work when looking for artists. For me at the time made a big impression the first Illustrator of Pinocchio by Enrico Mazzanti. We also reviewed many other illustrations from different editions of the book. Our Pinocchio was supposed to be funny and attractive for children to capture their attention and to show a story that tells about themselves, but at another time. And so it was for them new. But on the other hand, our tale were of interest to adults and give them the opportunity again to be in your childhood. That was our difficulty. Of course, it helped that we were great actors, which in and of themselves excellent comedians. At some points we used the techniques of the “Commedia Dell’arte” and it was easy, funny, simple and understandable for children. But we tried to all – children and adults – were able to see the adventures of Pinocchio in another dimension magic dimension magic.

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Why did you choose Roberto Benigni in the role of Geppetto? How was working with him?

Matteo Garrone: He is Geppetto! He is originally from Tuscany, from a very poor family of farmers. He grew up among several children in the same room. So when he’s withagreed, we seem to have gone back to their roots. He’s the most popular Italian actor in the world. He can be funny and tragic at the same time. Filming a movie about Pinocchio, you see a wonderful story of a father and son. And it was necessary to make two of these images are very strong and touching to the viewer. For me personally, a great honor to work with Benigni. He is the only Italian actor who won the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best male role”.

How did you find the boy who played Pinocchio? Was it difficult to work with children and animals? Speaking of the latter, I mean first of all donkeys.

Matteo Garrone: It was also not easy. We were looking for and eventually found the boy eight years Federico Ielapi. Every day he made himself up for 4 hours. It’s called Prosthetic makeup – prosthetics. It was made especially for Federico, and every day all this time the make-up of “fit” to his face. He’s done – he bravely endured it all. Pinocchio is a character that hates the rules, naughty, playful, and Federico, who patiently and diligently kept the process grimirovaniya every day, then played the complete opposite of myself. But his personal purity, naivety and innocence was a kind of bridge to the role of Pinocchio, which is also very sincere and naive.

as for the animals, I love working with them because they are unpredictable and sometimes offer unexpected surprises. You could notice it in the movie “Dogman” – dogs, by the way, I especially love to shoot.

You have specially made the scene when Pinocchio turns into a real boy, in the biblical motives? He is reborn in a barn among the sheep like Christ, isn’t it?

Matteo Garrone: Yes, of course. I did it on purpose. Moreover, the biblical line can be traced throughout the film. For example, Pinocchio often refers to the father: when burned and almost died, when hanging on the tree. He says, “Oh, dad. If you were hereü now…” there are many situations similar to those that were in the life of Christ. Many biblical characters. And as I said earlier, this is a story of love, paternal and FILIAL. The film is also about redemption, where at the end everything changes and Pinocchio comes Christian.

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You’ve met the Cat and Fox refers to these scams?

Matteo Garrone: Every day (laughs).

I’ve been trying to grow my Golden tree?

Matteo Garrone: tried, I Tried… It’s a wonderful story because all the characters and symbols are very important at any time.

is it True that the budget of Pinocchio – $ 40 million, and this is one of the most expensive projects in the history of Italian cinema?

Matteo Garrone: can Not say about all the Italian cinema but for me personally it was the biggest budget of my film. However… the screening of the film on Christmas day has paid its dividends.