Director Alexander Proshkin celebrates anniversary

can’t forget his “Redemption” – without exaggeration, a great movie in a time when cinema was still excited by the thought of millions would be stuck in the memory of generations, and now has passed unnoticed. We have almost no one saw this story about how the Great Patriotic war barely ended, turned into a war against its own people. As the enemy was suddenly found on a nearby street, in a nearby communal – everywhere. Everyone was telling on everyone. Holy hatred came to our land to the invaders turned instinctively, unaddressed hatred of everything at once. The disease, which neither the USSR nor post-Soviet Russia to win so far failed.

Photo: Vladimir Postnov/Press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre How did the unique premiere of “revolver” at the Alexandrinsky

Proshkin like few can in private to see the History – changing time in a frozen society. Very different films are formed in a single, thrilling masters of the subject, once formulated Shukshin: “What’s happening to us?!”. His attention to the life art rises to tragic conclusions.

somehow, shaken after a sleepless night watching his TV series “Doctor Zhivago”, I was called by Mikhail Kozakov: “I couldn’t sleep – kept thinking about the picture Proshkin. It’s about a curse that hangs over the country. Before us people and suffering, and inexplicably cruel. The janitor, with which the characters behaved as equals, respecting human dignity, betrays them, without hesitation and without suffering a sense of betrayal. These people destroy each other – are endless fratricidal war. And none of the lessons of history are not going to benefit! Long been published documents of Stalin’s Gulags – but we remember nothing I want and are always ready to return to the era Donoowls and secret police. Again to tear the chest of the shirt and scream that we are the greatest, the most righteous, the most right-wing. And for the sake of righteousness “will kill anyone they want” – though brother, though the other…”

Better not to indicate the scale of feelings and thoughts that animated picture directed by Alexander Proshkin. “We’re not doctors, we are the pain” – wrote Herzen about the artists of this type: they are images expressing the pain to overwhelm many, it makes the search for a way to heal themselves and to heal their country.

He was the first Russian Director, who in the post-Soviet time participated in competition of the Berlin festival with the drama “Russian revolt”, an adaptation of “the Captain’s daughter”. After Pushkin, the author of the film worried about the nature of imposture, and he offered other necrostatin look at the figure of Pugachev in Pushkin and “history of Pugacheva”, the “national hero” was interpreted as a bandit, a hoaxer and a fraud. “Imposture – especially our national phenomenon in politics, it has no parallel in European annals,’ he told me in an interview. Is the desire to wear someone else’s destiny and to play a role in history like phantom of the epidemic, which accompanied the entire history of Russia”.

Another Russian revolt, sweeping everything and nothing instead of building, appears in the film, the beginning of zero “Trio”: the human wilderness where roaming bands, and can no longer associate myself with anyone. But there is hope, “the compass of the earth”, never left the author – hope for the best in people. You never forget the final picture: the heroes listen to Sobinov, it flown away into eternity voice is like the echo of not dying in men, although increasingly Mirage-like ideal.

Photo: courtesy of Star Media Evgeny Mironov played the investigator in the movie

Sensitivity to the shifts especially visible in the “Paradise”, where the Lastkin together with playwright Aleksandr Rodionov took a chance to project in our days the characters and moral conflict “Duck hunting” vampilova. And what was vague impulse to inner freedom, melted, according to new era, bred cynicism, motor life and the guarantor of prosperity was a lie: who better to tell lies – in fact, and dividends. Lies sticky and thick, like the never-ending swamp mud, which ruined the hero Vampilov – it ruins the Zilov here.

Proshkin not the artist, who is able only to reflections. It not only generates constructive idea, but could always fight for it. Insisting on strong patriotism of our cinema, became one of the initiators of the on-screen f – made a good tape of the University and the Vavilov. When the screens are flooded by foreign products, first sounded the alarm: our film is washed away by the flow, and runs the risk of disappearing from human eyes. “Most of the country excommunicated from the movie. We lost contact with the audience, our cinema has become a family joy, festival entertainment, people get used to do without it. But through the movie brought a sense of homeland. It is in any country, but not in ours.” And tried hard to penetrate the idea of the “people’s shield” – the delivery of movies via satellite to every distant village the mill village. But in the years when the value of artistic creativity is measured only by money, and the idea of enlightenment died with the Soviet Union, did not find understanding. And cinema as a ball finally supplanted in the minds of the movie audience as a thought, pain, and school life.

he Left the Islands, and those available to few lucky ones. In 2017, online-festival “the Double DV@” crowned masters of the honorary prize “For outstanding contribution to cinema” as the fellow the idea that the return of Russian cinema to the spectator. The idea becomes more and more relevant. “The Russian newspaper” wished Alexander Anatolyevich Proshkino good health, creative longevity and new creative undertakings.

Of our intervoo action hero

For the Russian culture the main theme has always been “little man”. Including for the best examples of our cinema. Now we have forgotten it at all. In our film there is no more the province. In our films, on asphalt rustle “Volvo”, thundering guns and saunter stylish ladies certainly enjoyed the aesthetics of the clip.

About “cash movie”

What is cash movie in our understanding? “Komedi-Klab” polulyubitelsky gibberish. And people need to recognize, with the help of TV over the past decade, deformed – stupid, out of “action” have nothing to perceive. But I showed “Live and remember” in Rostov – and suddenly rolled the whole course of Taganrog University! It’s a pretty long drive, but they made it – so people want a serious movie! And young people are not homogeneous: what we see in Moscow does not represent the whole country.

About the preferences of the critics

Surprising trend that supports the criticism. In one picture the mother – then the other must swear more. And the third big show of the miscarriage – although it is outside the normal aesthetic possibilities. Any character not sympathize. A critique on such objections I answer: it is inscribed in the global context and shut up! But we have our own context, our task is not to harden but to soften. The movie began to preach a right fist to solve all the problems. But if for the Western world, his morals, and a developed legal consciousness and the free press shock movie only way to shake people, then we perceive it seriously as a school of life.

a failed

In most cases what I suggest is, just do not give money. Many years I want to make the story of Baron Unger. To shoot a picture about the civil war, to show that this is the worst thing that can happen in the life of the nation: it kills nation from within, first and foremost, has a gene pool. Until we cease to divide each other on “red” and “white,” nothing in our lives will not change.

Dossier “RG”

Alexander Proshkin studied with the legendary pedagogue Boris Zone in the Leningrad Institute of theater.RA, music and cinematography. Was a famous actor of Comedy Theatre, which was led by Nikolai Akimov, and performances which come from all over the country. Went to TV, where he became one of the pioneers of the genre of theater, introducing in the process of working on the drama cinematic methods.

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the festival St. Petersburg performances were the last shows on the “Golden mask”

he Created the television dramas “the Pickwick papers” and “Doctor of philosophy” became a classic of the genre. But refused to join the Communist party, and the number of performances did not reach the audience. The author of one of the first Soviet series – “Olga”, which caused heated disputes. The initiator of the film series “ZHZL” opened his movie “Mihailo Lomonosov”. The author of the project “public screen”, which suggested to use an electronic satellite technology to create a public network of movie theaters that brings the movies to the most remote corners of the country. The project as promising, but never implemented.

In movie have created such fundamental society pictures as “Cold summer 53rd year”, “Nikolay Vavilov”, “See Paris and die”, “Russian rebellion” (for “Captain’s daughter” and “History of the Pugachev rebellion” Pushkin), “Trio”, “Live and remember”, “Doctor Zhivago”. Multiple winner of the National award “Nika” and national film festivals, laureate of the State prize, laureate of the prize “For outstanding contribution to cinema” festival “Double two”, people’s artist of Russia.