according to first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Andrey Isaev, the segment of low-cost medications might best be affected by changes in the exchange rate, since 80% of the domestic medicines made from imported substances. In the segment of cheap drugs imported substances up to 90%. “This is a very serious problem, so we proposed to the government a number of measures. First, within the next month to make a decision on concessional lending under the beneficial interest of the organizations that produce cheap quality drugs. Second, to introduce zero customs duty on import of pharmaceutical substances”, – said Isaev.

the state Duma has proposed a more flexible adjustment of the issue price of vital and essential medicines. “Some of these drugs objectively are rising in cost, but their price is fixed. This can lead to the fact that their production will be absolutely unprofitable for a manufacturer, and they will simply cease to produce drugs. To prevent this, of course, impossible,” – said Isayev.

He said, what recommendations to the government and the health Ministry will be prepared in the state Duma, to July 1, to start a process of mandatory labeling of medicines. To postpone and transfer the markings parliamentarians do not recommend. But will be offered until you apply administrative liability in respect of those organizations who do not have time to prepare for it because of the pandemic, and will have the violations on labelling in the coming months.

Relief unable to and foreign manufacturers. In connection with quarantine measures, many experts representing foreign companies could not come to Russia and spend the extra settings required labeling system. “That’s why we offer operator and Center of advanced technology development and the Ministry of industry to conduct targeted work with individual companies ponastroit system. And to amend the law on circulation of medicines, which would ensure the unimpeded import of Russia and the introduction into the civil turnover of products issued before 1 July 2020. In the case of foreign producers that will stall marking, they will be able to carry out substitution at the expense of the product, which is produced previously and can be implemented in Russia legally without marking. Appropriate proposals will be made by us,” – said Isayev.