How did the Swiss with the digitization? This question has been examined by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, in a study published this week, and VIEWS is already available. Striking: Depending on the area of life the respondents take the digitisation of the consequences of extremely in a different way.

half of the 2000 respondents did not think that with the new world of work, new Jobs are being created. Skeptical, you are also, in regards to his personal data and the crime in the network. Positive people are as consumers: Almost four out of five believe that you can go shopping thanks to the Internet cheaper – probably because prices are easy to compare. In addition, retailers can offer cheaper products, because the costs online are lower.

The bargain-hunting have fuelled in the last few years, action days such as Black Friday approached. This has even made the leap from the Internet, in stationary retail, and is now enshrined in many of the shopping calendar. In the last year has used, according to the market researchers GfK, one out of three Consumers a Black Friday offer. And on average, around 300 francs left.

The Big dominate

While Shopping on the Internet, the online giants set the tone, to believe that 58 percent of respondents. The answers to the question regularly-used online stores likely to be purchased from foreign traders. At the very top of the German fashion platform Zalando. Behind it is the US group Amazon follows. Both Shops are Swiss in the West even more popular than in the German-speaking countries. All it did to the French part of Switzerland, the foreign Shops. The U.S.-platform Wish, gathered mainly Chinese seller, as evidenced in the overall ranking, in sixth place in the Romandie, but even room three.

Swiss suppliers such as Ricardo, Digitec Galaxus or brackish feel the Röstigraben in the network. Their place in the overall ranking, thanks to the German Swiss.

On Tuesday, held for the third Time, the Digitaltag – with 300 free activities. The focus of the Talks, stage shows and exhibitions is Lifelong Learning, i.e. lifelong Learning. The official starting shot for the day of action comes at 12.30 p.m., by Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) on the station square in Berne. For more events at twelve locations including Zurich, St. Gallen, Geneva, Lugano, TI, Biel BE. Exact times of all events can be found on the website of the digital tags: