internationally, the Digitaltag was never: All the 22 delegations taking part in the third edition and are of the highest calibre occupied: for example, the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic (43) lived in Berne and Zurich. “I am honored to be here. It’s a great place!”, thus, the non-party politician. “We have a fantastic cooperation with digital in Switzerland and have called this model of digital Serbia to life.”

Serbia could learn from Switzerland a lot, says Brnabic. Hide must the Balkans, the state not: to program in Serbia is already on the timetable of pupils in primary education. There, in Zurich, during one of his performances is also an explicit praise of digital Switzerland-founder Marc Walder (54). Switzerland can cut off a slice of Serbia. And Brnabic has not yet enough: “We are investing more than $ 100 million in infrastructure, Start-ups and Innovation.”

new impression.

A further way, the six-member Delegation from China took. At the China centre for Urban Development in Beijing research on the future of cities – Smart Cities. First, we went to the Department Director Zheng Mingmei and her Team to Basel, then to Zurich. She is delighted by the national Event: “It is super how well-organized and popular of the Digitaltag is.”

The Chinese want to get a first Hand picture of what’s going on in Switzerland in terms of digitization. “We don’t hear that in China, in Europe, the digital market is so far not intensively would be promoted, but today we have a new impression,” says Zheng.

at home, the digital economy is discussed with a broad participation of hot. “Here, the focus is to simplify the digitisation of the everyday life of the people,” says Zheng. Thanks to initiatives such as the Digitaltag the two countries can learn from one another.