“What don’t learn old dogs, learning, Hans, take more,” reads a famous proverb. Well, that will have to change. Because technological change is so fast that the in Childhood and youth acquired Knowledge occurs only when the pension is hopelessly out of date. 30 years ago the Internet was only a form of communication for security experts and scientists. From remote-controlled operations in hospitals, you do not dare to even dream about.

in order for the world of work is changing – some professions die out: There are fewer office workers, hand is need works and auxiliary forces. Other professions are born. The World Economic Forum assumes that 65 per cent of the Swiss children are now visiting the primary school, do not exercise once a Job, now even.

Significant training needs

And the professions are changing more and more quickly. This change has always existed – but the digitization speed it up, such as the education state Secretary Martina Hirayama (47) at the press conference on the topic of “Lifelong Learning” (dt. life-long Learning) on Tuesday morning said. Who wants to be sure that he always has a Job, will have to make more – for a lifetime. The falls especially hard, have no education, as Hirayama is running.

to raise awareness of the need and the opportunities of continuous training, has connected the location Initiative digital Switzerland, together with the employer, on the occasion of the 3. Digital tags, the campaign “life – long learning to remain Your Chance to be fit” was launched. Because today, only 19 percent of Swiss workers have acquired recently skills needed in the digital world. Over half of the acquisition of a significant Retraining employees “training needs”, such as Marc Walder (54), Ringier CEO and founder of digital Switzerland, said. “Not sometime, but in the next three years!”

a promise for life-long Learning

But the employer does not want to leave their employees alone. On the occasion of the 3. Digital tags more than 125 companies have made a promise. You agree to the following principles, the Adecco Switzerland-Head of Nicole Burth (45) said:

The challenges of the digital future can only through life-long learning and Learning how to learn successfully.
All workers should have the opportunity to expand your existing skills with digital skills, by making more or new skills in order to remain in the increasingly digitized job market is competitive in Switzerland.
in Particular, the signatories to the following pledge: We commit ourselves to promote a true digital mindset, with a good example and to pay tribute to the Learning and the experience in the workplace.
We undertake shorter training paths, courses, and other forms of learning for acquiring specific digital skills to recognise.
We are committed to provide our employees, regardless of their training, their age, their seniority, or their own professional perspective, Re – and Up-Skilling programs, to ensure their digital readiness and your career.
We are committed to promote innovations that result from changes in the skills in our company.
belong To the signatory employers in different companies such as Amag, Credit Suisse, die Mobiliar, Implenia, the Migros and the Zurich
University of the arts so. There is a dramatic shortage of skilled workers

The challenges of digitisation are not the only reason for the campaign is imminent. How Roland A. Müller (51), Director of the employers ‘ Association, said, will face Switzerland in the next few years with a strongly rising shortage of skilled workers: “Our ageing society is a lack of workers.” To the a currently the baby is to be retired boomers. In addition, it was limited to the adoption of the Initiative against mass immigration 2014, immigration. And, not least, more and more people want to work part-time.

all of This leads, according to Müller, is that in ten years half a Million full-time jobs cannot be filled. The increasing level of automation can help, but it need smart training. “We don’t want to spread fear before digitization, but the opportunities,” says Müller.

more Than 500 courses online

“the main trump card of Switzerland is the education,” said economy Minister, Guy Parmelin (59) in a video message at the press conference. “But we must take care that the elderly stay on the labour market. And this is only possible with training.” And who wants to start already: Under www.educationdigital.ch over 500 courses for further developments in the digital area.