betting debts are debts of honor, also in the case of a betting competition. The third “Innovation Challenge” of the initiative in digital Switzerland is just such a competition. The event connects people from different areas and animates you, together with major challenges to address.

All of This happens in the Form of a bet. Because of the “Innovation Challenge” place Teams bets, and try this in a year in reality. These betting projects are partly very technical – but all of them exciting and inspiring.

Surprising winner of the bet is by 2018

On the occasion of Monday evening was chosen from the winning bets from the last year of the winner. Or better said, the winners. Because the Jury has awarded two bets. A bet received the trophy and the prize money. Both winners were happy about their half the price.

the success of CVP-politicians, Christophe Darbellay (48), quite apart from the political track. He bet that his project to increase security in the mountains. His Team has developed with funding from the Canton of Valais, a digital certificate for ski instructors and mountain guides.

The System minimized the paperwork for the instructors and the authorities. The customers can inform in real time about the training and the insurance of your instructor. Already 1800 mountain experts have registered. Starting this fall, the Software should be for all the cantons in Switzerland are available. The Team Darbellay has taken the trophy to the Valais.

world premiere in front of versam Meltem audience

For another, the Jury has awarded the bet of the Red cross. With the help of artificial intelligence the Agency has developed a computer program that people can identify with. This helps families after a disaster, such as an armed conflict, to find missing relatives and families back together. The Jury wanted the project to go forward. That’s why they gave the Red cross the prize money of 10’000 Swiss francs.

in addition to the event of digital Switzerland was able to Shine with a world premiere: The Swisscom subsidiary Daura made a bet last year, to be able to share easily with your Smartphone to transfer, thanks to Blockchain technology without banks or intermediaries. Before the meeting, Meltem audience a test seller sold within a few seconds a share to a test purchaser – including Update of the share register by the publisher.

Old and new bets

the SBB were one of the party, although your bet is from the year 2017. The Bundesbahn had a bet to make the station through digital technology in a clever and personal. After a year, the SBB and were not yet so far and double.

in the Meantime have implemented the SBB over 30 small and large projects as part of the innovation competition for the time being, everything at Zurich’s main train station. The most successful ideas is to find your way as soon as possible, also to other stations in Switzerland.

only the bet of the SBB will be in front of Eleven new bets for 2019

But with a full head of steam. Because for the 2019 Teams have presented exciting bets. Eleven in number. The forefront of digital platforms. Of Inilab, the platform for people’s initiatives, a national directory of all daycare centers in Switzerland, to the comparison of performance for SMEs – each niche has its own platform.

The audience prize, has won this year, but a training bet: The project Powerhouses bet, it can be refugees to the IT-professionals. Which of these projects will win, the more you find, then, at the fourth edition of the competition.