Now UUS are provided in the inhabited localities with population of 250-500 people. Until recently, they comprised a pay phone and a desktop computer with a minimum Internet speed. The draft resolution envisages changes in the composition of UUS. They will be equipped with means of emergency notification as a backup in case other means of warning will be de-energized. And collective points of Internet access – desktop computers – will be replaced by the Wi-Fi point. “Community access points in small towns with desktop computers cost six times more expensive than access points to provide the current level of services, so no demand from the users”, – explained in the Ministry of communications.

the communication Speed needs to be at least 10 Mbit/s and to provide free access to socially significant information resources from the list of the Ministry of communications. Specified and parameters to set points on the mobile cellular. If all the operators cover the settlement less than 75%, it is considered that communication services are not here and need to put a point of connection.