This is one of the leaders of the Protest, Siddik Jussef said, after a Meeting with the military Council on Saturday evening. It should be found an agreement, “both sides are satisfied, so that the Transfer of Power takes place peacefully”.

The leader of the protests announced on Friday to form on Sunday evening, a so-called Zivilrat to replace the military Council. Whether this project will be implemented in light of the ongoing negotiations, remained open in the first place. A representative of the professional Association of SPA has been at the forefront of the protest movement, had announced before the talks on Saturday evening to postpone the establishment of the civil Council, if the army was ready to negotiate.

transitional government for 4 years, required

The Zivilrat is to be used according to the will of the leaders of the Protest for four years of a transitional government to organize after the expiry of its mandate, parliamentary elections. “We want the Sudanese civilians is governed by the military rule will be freed,” said the protester Ehsan Abdallah, sat with thousands of supporters on Saturday in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum.

On 11. April, since three decades, the authoritarian head of state, Omar al-Bashir was ousted after months-long mass protests by the military on Wednesday in a prison in Khartoum. Also two of his brothers were arrested.

curfew lifted

After the fall Baschirs was used for a transitional period of two years with a military Council. Headed by the General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. This announced the release of political prisoners, and lifted the night curfew.

The authorities have set, according to insiders, meanwhile, several high-ranking members of the former ruling party, the NCP. Including the President of the NCP-in-chief, Ahmed Haroun, and the former first Deputy of the ousted President Omar al-Bashir, a senior party representative said on Saturday. Previously, it had approved from the Ministry of justice, the office of the public Prosecutor, who against Bashir on suspicion of money-laundering and the possession of large sums of money without legal basis. (SDA)