Fortes award-winning work includes plays, novels, radio and television games. 1970 Drama “Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer or The introduction of book-keeping made it” an international sensation. In ecclesiastical circles, it triggered a violent counter-reactions.

Dieter Forte, on 14. June, 1935, born in Düsseldorf, he was since 1962, as a freelance writer. The focus of his writing the lives of modern people were under the rule of technology and capital.

In the 1980s, Dieter Forte, the work turned to a large, multi-part novel project. Between 1992 and 2004, “The pattern”, “equinox” (originally “The Boy with the bloody shoes”), “In memory of” and “On the other side of the world”. Together, they make up the “tetralogy of memory”.

in 2013, submitted to Forte, who lived for a long time in Basel, the book “Labyrinth of the world”. Last appeared in February 2019 “and As the heaven was not yet named”.