A good procurement planning is the A and O of a healthy diet. It is not always so easy to pack the right foods in the shopping cart. They consider the following seven tips, then the Food-Shopping succeeds guaranteed the next Time.

never shop on an empty stomach

Who goes with Hunger to shop, go for unhealthy, highly sugared and fat foods. In addition, it packs more products into the shopping cart. The hormone Ghrelin is in the stomach, which ensures that we respond to when shopping more to visual food stimuli.

More proteins, less carbohydrates

For our health, it is crucial which substances we take in. Where: Place more emphasis on proteins and less on carbohydrates. Therefore, less pasta, white rice, bread – particularly white bread – as well as sweetened products items. Well vegetables, nuts and legumes, but also meat, fish, eggs and cottage cheese have advantages. These foods contain a lot of protein, which is saturated over a longer period of time.

Plan in advance

you Create a shopping list. You make a clear Plan of what you want to shop. So you don’t fall into the temptation and concentrate on the Essential. Helpful can be, to create the beginning of the week, a meal plan with healthy recipes for the entire seven days, and to adhere to it. If you think about your food, the shopping easier and healthier.

ready meals

taboo is An unhealthy case of finished dishes. They mostly contain a lot of calories and additional chemical substances that harm the body. Take a look at the list of ingredients, you can identify the fact many of the ineffable name, unknown to you, then you can better the Finger. In addition, dishes done just a little. Caution: To ready-made meals just the usual microwave dishes, even soup out of the bag, or frozen pizza don’t count it.

Allow the fingers of soft drinks and fruit juices

We should drink one and a half to two liters of fluid.But no artificial Drinks, such as soft drinks or fruit juices. They contain a lot of sugar, are Fattening and have a negative impact on our health. Water is the healthiest liquid for the people – it is free of calories and rich in minerals.

canned fruit Pooh, frozen fruits, hui!

inventory is never a bad thing. But it depends on what kind of canned food storage. Canned fruit, for example, in excess glucose levels in often and have lost their natural vitamins. Frozen fruits and vegetables, however, are still rich in all the important substances for our body. You pay attention but also for deep-frozen products as a precaution to any of the ingredients.

fresh produce

The best thing is to but always on fresh vegetables and fruit. Because the fresher the food is, the higher its vitamin content. Best to go two or three times a week shopping, then you can post more fresh products, as in the case of a large weekly shop.