fat has in our society, a bad reputation. After all, who wants to have a slim figure and no clogged arteries, and must forego the pleasure of fat rich foods – or is it? This is not true in all cases, because nature provides us with so some rich fat products, which are quite healthy. It depends on the type of the contained Fat.

for example, there are unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, both of which are very important for the body. Unsaturated enjoy the reputation that they have an impact on the health of the heart. Are included in olive oil or rapeseed oil, but also in vegetable foods such as Avocado, olives and nuts.

Saturated fatty acids are stamped, however, is often as unhealthy for the heart, what is dismissed by many experts as wrong. Nevertheless, it is important to enjoy this with caution. They are found in animal products such as meat, Butter, dairy products, but also in coconut oil.

olive oil

Many studies have shown that olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and Diabetes. In addition, it is to slow down the aging process. Best of all is the virgin in extra virgin olive oil – this is extracted with natural methods. Let the consumer in spite of all the positive aspects of caution, a tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories. The popular salad ingredient is 100 percent fat.


in their purest Form, olive can make a lot; these are but “fat” from around 88 percent. Black or green – it doesn’t matter. Both versions are healthy and contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease.


That fish contains important Omega-3 fatty acids, and white each child. Particularly salmon is rich in fat – it has anti-inflammatory, has a positive influence on the cardiovascular System and lowers cholesterol. Also fish contains valuable proteins and other nutrients that are good for health. 57 percent fat content in the salmon, mackerel, follows with 52 percent, herring and cod come up trumps with 47 percent. Cod is a very low-fat fish, with seven per cent.


77 percent of the fat in an Avocado. This is quite a lot, but there are also fruit important nutrients in the Trend. As Avocado contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids; it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. In addition, it is full of potassium, 40 per cent more than bananas, which are considered to be potassium miracle fruit.


you have Breakfast of eggs, then the feeling of satiety lasts longer, and the cravings to be avoided. Although they are made of 63 percent from fat, helping eggs lose weight and are healthy. They are an important protein supplier, contain numerous vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants and choline, an important nutrient for our brain. Another plus point is that The cholesterol from eggs has no impact on the in our blood.

tree nuts

The best, of course, Snack: nuts. Each bite is nutrients a load of Power, consisting of valuable, such as amino acids or Vitamin E, fiber and proteins. This nuts reduce seizures, the risk of Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Pecans the fat are holding most of their kind, they are made of 93 percent from fat. Walnuts contain 87, pistachio 72 percent fat.

coconut oil

fat in its purest Form, coconut oil has, as well as his colleague, olive oil, a fat content of 100 percent. The liquid Form in about the same health-promoting aspects, such as the coconut itself. Because it contains many medium chain triglycerides, ensures that you consume less calories, the metabolism will accelerate and you have less appetite.

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 85 percent includes 82 percent fat, but it also has a high proportion of iron, Magnesium, copper and manganese. Our sweet sin is quite healthy, as many studies have proven. Dark chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol, and brain function. The cocoa content is of great importance. Anything over 70 percent is good; the more cocoa, the less sugar.

Greek yogurt

The largest proportion of fat in the Greek yogurt is unsaturated, but it also contains a section on TRANS-fats, which are generally bad for the health. This is not the case of the yogurt-occurring TRANS fats, but the case, since they are of human origin, but in a natural way. You can reduce the risk of Diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

soy beans

One of the few types of Beans that are rich in Protein and valuable fatty acids, soya beans. This makes them a good meat substitute for vegetarians and Vegans. Also soy milk, Miso and Tofu are good Alternatives with a high protein content.


Also, cheese is a valuable Protein-a supplier and therefore a suitable food for people who don’t eat meat. In addition, the often as fattening stamped cheese contains a lot of Vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, Selenium and other important nutrients.