Actress Marina Makarova, on account of which a number of roles in famous films and television series, died at the age of 45 years. She starred in the television series “destructive power”, “Secrets of investigation”, “Foundry, 4”, “the Secret service of His Majesty” and others.

Care Makarova of life reported Kostroma chamber drama theater.

died actress Marina Makarova. There are no words. Light, responsive, talented people. Love and will always remember — it is told in the obituary on the website of the theatre.

The reasons for her death are not known, but her close aides said that Makarova fell ill and was fighting cancer of the stomach.

Marina Makarov was born in Kostroma, graduated from Spbgati, worked in the theater “the Shelter of comedians”. Recently returned to the fire and began to play in Chamber theatre of Boris Golodnitsky.

Earlier reported that the artistic Director of the series “deadly force” Valery Jakovenko died in an accident. The accident occurred in the Leningrad region on the track Camponovo — Vyra — Tosno — Caps. He was 72.