according to La Vanguardia, the world lost one of the greatest literary portrait of post-war Barcelona, a knew the city only through his stories. In 2008, the writer was awarded the prestigious prize Miguel de Cervantes, the highest award in the Spanish-speaking literary world.

Born John Mars January 8, 1933 in Barcelona. He is the author of such novels as “Locked with a single toy”, “Last evenings with Teresa”, “the Dark story of cousin Montse”, “Love songs in lolita’s club”. A number of his works have been filmed.

Mars is considered the writer of the “generation of the fifties” (writers who gained fame after the Civil war in Spain). His first short stories he began publishing in the late 1950-ies, and in 1959 received a set of the first literary prize. Because of censorship during the reign of dictator Francisco Franco some of his work was first published abroad.