Born in Tokyo in the midst of the First world war, and to die at 104 years old in Paris. Quietly, in her sleep. It’s all about the great actress Olivia De Havilland. To millions of viewers worldwide, she will forever remember the role of Melanie in the cult film Victor Fleming “gone with the wind” on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. The image of a righteous, kind and yet strong girl was no less memorable than the star couple Vivien Leigh and Clark gable. During his long film career Olivia de Havilland won two Oscars as best actress for the picture “to Each his own” and “the Heiress.”

– She is famous because she was able to force the producers to treat yourself – tells to the correspondent “MK” about Olivia de Havilland film critic Kirill Razlogov – she solved complex issues with the films in which he starred.

In Europe, quite often the star dictates the conditions and the movie in General, but in Hollywood it’s rare, and Olivia de Havilland was one of three or four stars who have achieved such a right. This suggests that she was a man with a strong character and preferred to play such strong women who find themselves in difficult circumstances. She won the case with the Studio “Warner Brothers”. The fact that it demanded damages for the period when the company denied her roles. The court ruled that the actors don’t have to compensate anything if the term is part of their seven-year contract. It was a landmark event.

– how would you describe her cinematic image?

– Olivia de Havilland started with the image of a cute girl. Starred in the adventure films. Eight times her partner was Errol Flynn – actor who specialized in the movie “cloak and sword” adventure strips.

of Course, after “Gone with the winds”, she drew attention to themselves, and after breaking up with the Girl, she began to choose a role and really played strong female characters, showing that it corresponds to the nature of the actress.

She was the Grand Dame of Hollywood. She was filmed to a very Mature age and has made a reputation for himself together with his sister, who played under the pseudonym of Joan Fontaine. Several times they competed for the award “Oscar”.

De Havilland led the vibrant, diverse life. Always been under the supervision of the tabloids, but she had the reputation of a prostitute Actresses.