Latest Secretary-General who ruled in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR) until 1989 Communist party of Czechoslovakia (HRC) Milos Jakes died at the age of 97 years. This was announced on Tuesday, the news Agency ČTK.

Aches, head of the HR Committee since December 17, 1987 November 24, 1989, did not live to 98 years of age less than one month. ČTK was informed that Akasha body was cremated on Tuesday in the Prague district of Motol. Other details were not disclosed.

Aces succeeded as Secretary General of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak (1913-1991), who retained the post of President of Czechoslovakia. They were both forced to retire from politics in a result which led to the change of the political regime in the country of the events in Prague on 17 November 1989, went down in history as the Velvet revolution.