died In Tyumen disabled woman Love Nurdinova, considered the most severe Russian woman. 8 Jul love turned 57 years old. About her death, citing its own sources reported the portal 72.RU.

About the fate of the 350-pound resident of Tyumen “RG” told in may of this year. A prison for love became flat in the old tragetasche. According to the woman, she “childhood was a major”, and the last couple of decades “in the eyes swell”.

the Disabled person has lost the ability not only to reach the nearest window, but to get out of bed, which could not even turn around without assistance. Love sent the social signal, and she volunteered to help the clinic in two months with the help of exercise, and gastric surgery has delivered 200 pounds.

Since the beginning of summer tyumenka ceased to communicate with journalists who kept a diary of her weight loss, and to open the apartment door, and friends of the family told reporters about her death. What was the cause of her death is unclear. Relatives Nurdinova any media calls don’t answer.