Artist Viktor Chizhikov died July 20, announced the publishing house “AST children” in Facebook. He was 84 years old. Mr. Chizhikov known for having created the Olympic bear — a symbol of the summer Olympics of 1980 in Moscow. Victor Chizhikov drew illustrations for books and magazines, created cartoons, caricatures, funny drawings, said the publisher. His work, in particular, used the publishing house “Kid”, “Children’s literature” magazines “Murzilka” and “Fun”. He came up with illustrations for such works as “the Feast of disobedience”, “the Three little pigs,” “Belief and Anfisa”, “Down the magic river”. “The heroes of many popular children’s books loved by readers exactly as he depicted them Chizhikov: charming and human, naive and ridiculous. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution to the art of book illustration Victor Chizhikova — bright and cheerful artist and person,” said the publisher. Victor Chizhikov was born on 26 September 1935 in Moscow. He studied at the Moscow polygraphic Institute in the art Department. Since the late 1950-ies Mr. Chizhikov was engaged in book illustration. The artist for his work has received numerous awards. In 2016 he received the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.