“Bugsy Malone” in 1976 was his first feature film made for the big screen. It immediately struck the audience: a gangster Thriller from the days of prohibition were not just filmed in the genre of the musical is very dashing, but was completely drawn kids. One of the main roles of the singer Blausee there were ten jodie foster, this is where started his career. This film Parker announced the arrival of cinema’s new masters, equally impeccable knowledge of the arts drama and musical film, with a great sense of irony and humor.

One of the main strips in Parker’s became the “Midnight Express” (1978) – drama about a young American tourist in Turkey, which is on the way back was detained at the airport police found in his Luggage a portion of hashish, and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The bulk of the action took place in a Turkish prison, sadistic manners reminiscent of terrible nonsense. The picture with the prominent, soon deceased actor brad Davis caused a huge resonance in the world, then Parker was nominated for Oscars as best Director, the movie became the absolute winner of the “Golden globe”.

a couple of years was “Glory” – again, a musical film about talented youth of the new York high school for the performing arts – full of energy, dynamics and the feeling of inner freedom. And almost immediately followed by – “the Wall”, which recognized Alan Parker’s reputation as one of the strongest filmmakers of the modern musical movie. The core of the film was the acclaimed album Pink Floyd – The Wall, and in her whimsical style of mixed realism with surrealism.

In 1996, the world triumphantly passed the “Evita” – Parker moved mechanically to the screen the famous Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and created a movie where he flashed Antonio Banderas and Madonna in the role of Eva Duarte, the first lady of Argentina. The film was extremely masterfully executed composition, cleverly combining the musical fabric of dramatic action. The work on the film by Alan Parker later recalled with his usual eccentric sense of humor – as “riding Bareback on your elephant tied to a jet engine when Madonna combs your hair with a razor blade”.

the Second person of the Director – ostrosotsialnogo movie. After “Midnight Express” all waited and waited in the movie “Mississippi burning”, a drama from the mid 60’s, when the murder of three human rights activists sparked a wave of mass protests across America: the threads of the crime were coming to the city fathers. In the movie starred Willem Dafoe, McDormand and gene Hackman. The film received three awards of the British Academy.

a Wonderful sense of humor resulted in “the Road to Wellville” with Anthony Hopkins and Bridget Fonda – “Comedy for the heart and other bodies”, as reads the slogan of the picture.

Recent work by Alan Parker in the movie was also politically acute drama “the Life of David Gale” with Kevin spacey and Kate Winslet: the story evolved around the Professor Gale, who all his life opposed to the death penalty and found himself on death row for a murder he did not commit. And the investigation that is taking accepting an interview with him, the journalist becomes tense plot of the picture.

Critics have argued that Parker, considered him a manipulator of audience emotions, they didn’t like his eccentricities, bordering on hooliganism. The image of Turkey in “Midnight Express” has caused accusations of “racism”, the black audience complained too active a role the white characters in the movie “Mississippi burning”, the Argentine patriots were outraged by the invitation to the role of the national idol of Eva Peron Madonna frivolous. The audience, unlike the critics, his paintings were enthusiastically attended.

in Recent years, he was rarely off – a lot of time demanded British film Institute, and later he became head of the national Council for cinematography.