Sweet was formed in 1968, and soon the group noticed the main producers of England, in those years, Nikki Chinn and Mike Chapman. Those who brought on the big stage with other legends of the 70’s- Suzi Quatro and Smokie. At the request of the two “H” Sweet sang unsophisticated Balham-pop for teenagers, the benefit of the handsome blond Brian Connolly was always in love with girl.

But then the Quartet revolted – released in 1974 is very playful, melodic rock album, Sweet Fanny Adams, in which guitarist Andy Scott first used so many guitars, guitar effects, lotions, and performance techniques that were previously available only to cult Ritchie Blackmore. A year later another – Desolation Boulevard. Then went from stellar producers.

despite the gravity of sound and melody, of Sweet was easy, positive, energetic, and even dance. It was a very driving, dynamic weighted rock-n-roll, which like to dance (it’s hard to imagine dancing to the music of their hard rock contemporaries Deep Purple or Nazareth ?!). Successful albums since then followed one another, and in 1978 recorded already Sweet and very smart, complex album Level Headed, connecting hard with art-rock and first used so much synth sound, which allowed to combine in it the hard melodic riffs and beautiful, sublime, graceful Baroque ballad. Especially good was Dream On and Anthem No. 1 (Lady of the Lake).

But after this album Sweet happy band is over. Had left the band and soloist Connolly, the musicians began to play together. Regularly released albums, the strongest of which was Identity Crisis of 1982. Sang now turns to Scott and Steve priest. They called back and Conolly. But spirits rarely allows someone to return.

In 1989, Sweet went back on the path to great glory. Made in the iconic London club Marque, sang the hits and introduced new songs. Fans waited for the return of the group in the “Golden composition”. Sweet nostalgia for the fans was enormous!

For example, in 1995-1996, the group released nine albums! One concert, one of the rare records, and the remaining seven – the hits collections (from Platinum to Ballroom Hitz: The Very Best of Sweet).

But in early 1997 from kidney disease died Brian Conolly, and 14 February 2002 from leukaemia, the mighty and stalwart drummer, a mountain of muscles and the abyss gloomy charm Mick Tucker. And now, on 73-m to year of life, Joker, soul of the team Steve priest.

Guitarist and singer Andy Scott solo continues the band’s career under the guise of Andy Scott” Sweet, long singing of favorite songs. I once came to Russia.