Died actor Dieter Laser

Died German actor Dieter Laser. He was 78 years old.

The message about the death of the artist appeared in his Facebook. The actor died on 29 February, however about his death it became known only now.

He was born 17 Feb 1942 in Germany. His on-screen debut took place in 1968, after which he took part in dozens of projects, including “the Lost honor of Katharina Blum”, “Devil’s potion”, “Glass cage” and “conversation with the beast”, “Nazi” and “Baltic storm”.

The General public, he is best known as the actor of the TV series “Lexx” and the role of the villain in the movie “the Human centipede”.

Wrote NEWS.ru American Robert De Niro is recognized as the actor who most often played movie villains. During his career he 19 times took on negative characters.