Died a doctor from Wuhan, who was forbidden to talk about the coronavirus

a Doctor from Wuhan, Whether Wenlan, one of the first who tried to warn people about the outbreak of coronavirus, has died from the disease. This was reported by the newspaper Global Times on his Twitter page.

If Wenlan was a doctor of the Central hospital of Wuhan. On 30 December he wrote to colleagues in the social network that the market for seafood “huanan” confirmed seven cases of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). The medic didn’t know that the new 2019 coronavirus-nCoV belongs to a different strain. The doctor’s office spread through Chinese social networks.

the next day Whether Varlena and seven other doctors who told about the gaining momentum of the epidemic has caused the police to Wuhan. Doctors issued a warning and asked not to make false statements that could undermine public order.

Now it became known that Lee Wenlan, died Thursday, February 6, from the same disease, he warned many.

currently, in China alone, the coronavirus has infected more than 28 thousand people, 563 died. The world health organization on January 31 called the outbreak an emergency situation of international importance.