Diana-Long-must Swarovski laugh out loud. “When I started here, has taken me seriously. I did not disturbed but. On the contrary, I even found practical. So I could work in peace.” Today, six years later, it is thanks to two ascents President of a Bundesliga club.

Sunday view hits from the Tyrol, a few days before the first League game of the club’s history for almost half a century. Bussi links, Bussi right. Diana Langes-Swarovski is familiar with in the Gasthof zum Schwan in Wattens each and every. “The most beautiful President of Austria”, it was titled recently in the local media. A praise that your flatters. “So what you are reading but happy.” To reduce them to their appearance, but would be a big mistake.

Since you can think of, is interested in the today 47-Year-old for football. Her father Gernot Langes for decades was President of the WSG Wattens. As a child, Diana, on the Lap of the coach-legend Ernst Happel sits. And the German national team player and heartthrob Hansi Müller drives you on a regular basis in the convertible to school. “The WSG was always a big family. This runs through to the present day.”

Diana comes from a famous family. She is the granddaughter of the company founder, Daniel Swarovski, the sister of the current CEO, Markus Langes-Swarovski and today Familienrätin of the crystal-jewelry-manufacturer. “Of course, we had as a child, everything you could wish for,” says Diana, “but we have learned to value and to engage us socially.”

For all of the “Diana”

on the money – that was never Diana’s thing. In New York training as an actress, works as a Model. In 1995, she married a Spanish Nobleman. Best man, the current Spanish king, Felipe VI, is The Couple had two children, moves to Venezuela. “We had a Buffalo farm and were self-catering.” That there was in this country, even with tricky situations and she was, therefore, always with a gun on the road, you just don’t want to talk about today.

Later, the love of breaks to Joaquin and Langes-Swarovski, it moves with her children back to their roots, back to Wattens. In 2013, the WSG-competitor Wacker Innsbruck Diana asks, of all things, whether you would like to work for the club. Not to the delight of her father. “My dad said it would of the question, and suggested to me that I should be President of Wattens.”

no sooner Said than done. You will be the first President of the Austrian football professional clubs. Wattens plays in the Regionalliga West. In Front Of 150 Spectators. Against Eugendorf and Seekirchen. No Glamor. No Ramp Lighting. “I have the same set up at the beginning of a Plan. The objective was clear: We want to be number 1 in the Tirol.”

In this early summer, it is so far. Wacker to get out of it. and Wattens. Your Plan goes on. Langes-Swarovski is a passionate and emotional to be President. “On game days I am not responsive and very nervous. I’m still a Fan.” Before each match she lights candles. “So no one hurt and that we win, hopefully.”

Langes-Swarovski, which has never fired, never a Trainer, works on a voluntary basis. “I invest a lot of time and heart blood into the club. But me you do not need to pay.”

the Tyrolean is a woman, especially at the beginning of a big topic. Again and again it has been tested by men, whether you can explain the offside rule really. You excited never. “I’ve proved quickly that I can do it and that I have my kind of success. Meanwhile, the all should have noticed.”

You could even get the impression that she plays on her femininity to get. A year ago she posed on the official team photo in the airy, white dress. In the center of the photo. Clearly visible for each. Langes-Swarovski, apparently, can slip into many roles. Times, they are presented in evening dress, as a Business Lady in the pants suit and as a man of nature, surrounded by chickens.

In the last season there were in the two highest Austrian football leagues three presidents: Diana Langes-Swarovski (Wattens), Brigitte Annerl (HART mountain) and Katja brush Lechner (Wiener Neustadt). Meanwhile, brush Lechner has put in her office. In the two Swiss professional leagues we have with Ruth Ospelt (Vaduz) is only a President – it shall be the next GM but. It was a pioneer: As Gigi Oeri, 2006, the FCB Boss was, was the Europe-wide headlines.

another recipe for success is its accessibility. The people that work with her say. Whether for players or the media – it is for all of “the Diana”. And not the millions of heavy crystal heiress.

“money makes many things easier in life,” philosophizes, “but it is definitely not happier.” Also, as President, you don’t want to take money around. And also to Sports she didn’t want to interfere. “We have a sporting Director who is responsible for this. But clearly all our player purchases to go with me on the table.”

In the daily work, they followed a advice of your father, Gernot: “He always tells me that I should not let me clean talk. And that I should listen to my heart.” This is not difficult for her, because “I’m a heart-man. I run our club like a family, but I’m always aware that it is a Business. I can make professional decisions and could, if it would have to be a coach dismissed.”

Needed that was not yet. Since she is the President, you go only to the top. Where she sees the club in five years? “Still in the Bundesliga. And I want to leave something behind that my handwriting is wearing.”

in the Meantime, the conversation lasts against a hour. Langes-Swarovski warns us at the start. The next deadline is. All want to know prior to the start of the season some of the Tyrolean. A question, however, remains to be clarified: How to recognize an outsider that the club is run by a woman? “The small Swarovski stones on the shirts, for example. The there is, since I have been President of the am. That looks cool,” she says, laughing. “So, now I have to go but really.” Bussi links, Bussi right.

Wattens and Swarovski belong together. For decades, the crystal-jewelry-manufacturer is Jersey Sponsor of the local football club and a member of the dynasty, whose club President. In 1967 the club was renamed in WSG Swarovski.

The WSG only played from 1969 to 1971 in the highest League. Starting in 1971, she formed, together with Wacker Innsbruck in a game community. With great success. Between 1971 and 1986, the Tyrolean were five times champion, and came in 1987 in the Uefa Cup in the semi-final. Players such as Bruno Pezzey (†) or Hansi Müller played for the Team.

Today, the club, the WSG Swarovski Tirol is in this season, officially, for a long time on their own again. The games he is not allowed to engage in domestic Gernot-Langes-stadium. It is not a bundesliga-compatible, in the autumn, the first start reconstruction work, the main grandstand in the stadium, stands under monument protection: “I can live with that. I like our stadium, and when the old Sweat is practically still smell,” says Langes-Swarovski to this. Therefore, the Wattener in the Tivoli Innsbruck on the run.

The Team, coached by Thomas Silberger, hardly has the sound of full name. The Swiss kick-off a maximum of Zlatko Dedic and Kelvin Yeboah is likely to be a term. He is the son of the Eintracht Frankfurt legend Tony.

their Bundesliga return, celebrated the WSG yesterday, Saturday. Against Austria Vienna, there was a X:X.