Diamond Princess passengers trapped in the cabins: the ship was found 20 infected

10 passengers cruise ship Diamond Princess was infected with coronavirus new. According to the statement of the Russian Embassy in Japan, the health of Russians on Board the vessel, in order. Passengers ship are now on a two-week quarantine.

on the Morning of the cruise liner Diamond Princess moored in the port of Yokohama to stock up on provisions. And today, the Japanese government has published the latest test results. The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus has increased to 10 people. Now journalists expect when you get ambulances to take patients to hospitals.

that the number of infected will increase, doubts are almost gone after the first publication of the data. Of the 3,700 passengers and crew — medics allocated 273 already manifested symptoms. Analyses were taken only from them, we only checked part. It is already known that infected 20. Results 170 people will be known in the coming days.

Close to the liner did not let. Seen as approaching specialized medical vehicles, they’re red, flashing flashing lights, people running around in hazmat suits.

All newly diagnosed — passengers: four Japanese, two Americans and Canadians, one tourist from New Zealand and Taiwan. On the eve it became known that on Board for at least 24 citizens of Russia. The Embassy in Tokyo has already established with some of them the contact.

signs of the disease until no one. On the vessel imposed a strict limit mode. All are asked to stay in their cabins. For those who have a balcony, was more fortunate. The rest are literally locked in four walls. Food and water spread each separately, the team deals with the tourists on the loudspeaker, tourists team, using sticky notes that they attach to the door.

this One cruise ship per day almost doubled the number of officially registered SLUchaev infecting the new virus, but authorities assure that the situation is under control, the ship remains in quarantine until February 20, and the hospital is fully prepared to receive patients.