Diamond Princess – 70 new cases

According to Japanese media referring to the Minister of health of the country, standing on the quarantine at the port of Yokohama cruise ship Diamond Princess revealed 70 new cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, bringing the total number of ill passengers and crew members increased to 355.

last Friday, the vessel evacuated about 10 passengers at the age of 80 years or more who have confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection. The U.S. Embassy in Japan announced evacuates its citizens on Board the vessel, Charter flights.

As reported, on the last day of last year, Chinese authorities informed the world health organization (who) about the outbreak in Wuhan pneumonia. Later experts have established causative agent, the coronavirus, a new type later name COVID-19. The outbreak of the disease recognized by the who emergency situation of international importance. To date, the number of infected in China has exceeded 68,5 thousand, 1665человек died, recovered 9419. Outside of China, infected more than 500 people, including two in Russia.