Emma, the grandmother said, in Sina in the small Valais village of Salgesch is grown up: the singer dedicates a Song to her thirteenth Album: “the women of The post-war generation had a hard life, my grandmother has raised eight children and part of me. In her I found a sense of security.” A feeling that you are missing in your Song “Wa nix meh” describes. This is the place “where the love and the happiness to live,” says Sina. The 52-Year-old has found her happiness, not only in the music: “I could live the last 25 years of my vocation, for which I am enormously grateful. So I would like to do another 20 years. I am pleased with awards such as the Swiss Music Award, but that is no reason to look back. On 1. March is the start of the Tour, and I’m eager to present to our audience the new Songs.”

“At the end of nature”

wins anyway For your age, makes the sympathetic singer no secret: “My years betray what I’ve seen it all, and that is a good thing. But it is clear that aging is also annoying. As a woman you are exposed to even more. And on the slow withering, I’m not really. But in the end nature will win anyway!” As only irony and Humor help. And Sina has thankfully enough. “I would like to have the genes of the Nacktmulls, the rodent is a miracle of health, he does not suffer from cancer or Diabetes, just falls over dead one day.” Just like a naked mole rat, Sina does not want to look better. “He really is no beauty,” she says, laughing.

“doubt is my constant companion,”

In February, will be awarded for Sina at the Swiss Music Awards for her life’s work, for a nice recognition of your work. “I would take this path without Hesitation, probably with the same naivety and passion at the time.” And, although the music has changed the business tremendously. To Survive on the small Swiss market had become in a time the music is more and more free will consumed more and more difficult. In addition, there is a need in addition to good luck and the right support is also a long breath. “Doubt is my constant companion. But it also be many of my stories.”

“I would like to become a mother,”

There were times, as the singer was sure she’d tell you as a songwriter are still enough stories to. “It became clear to me that the big issues such as love, letting go, and repeat the search. What does change is the view on these things,” says Sina. On the back of the cover is shown to her God child Elina (6), itself Sina has no children: “I would like to become a mother, but the Timing wasn’t right. Our lunch table is well attended, and the regular exchange of views with nephews and nieces is just as inspiring as it is for me.” In the picture, Elina is wearing by the way, a dress that had once been Sina as a six year old at the time, as she lived with her grandmother Emma.