Overview: Wherefore, in the “Diablo Immortal”

Long the “Diablo”series was only on the PC. Only with the third part of the successful action role-playing game series in 2013, also came to the consoles. With “Diablo Immortal” is planning to developer Blizzard Entertainment is now a separate output for the portable platforms. At the announcement during Blizzcon, this project met with little love from the Fans, wanted, rather, a reference to a possible “Diablo 4”. Who is open to the idea, fighting also Mönster on the phone or the Tablet, could receive “Diablo Immortal” is a very solid Hack’n’Slash. The Story only as much as is known so far is that the Game plays in the time period between the second and third part of the main series.

trailers to play “Diablo Immortal”

Gameplay: Diablo Immortal”

“The anspielbare Demo was divided into three parts. After a short Tutorial with Deckard Cain as a teacher, it was in a small, open world, before a short Multiplayer Dungeon for four players formed with a boss battle the final. To choose from a barbarian, monk and sorcerer as classes. In the final game demon hunter, Crusader, and Necromancer. As the sole class of “Diablo 3” would be missing only the witch doctor. For each class, you should be able to at least turn twelve Skills, which can be five by means of allocation on the on-screen Icons at the same time.

classes are (almost) as in the model

The classes are good to your “Diablo 3”-role Models are imitated. So the barbarian bystanders opponent is unable to draw and to provide you with an all-round attack off. The monk may teleport to his adversaries and then with a spanking volley down. The magician covers his opponent to continue with a different Elemental spells such as fire balls, and freezing rain. Most important Change: The figures use no resources like Mana or energy. Instead, many of the skills have a Cooldown, so you can use it only with certain time intervals.

either way, the monster feels flatten in a matter of seconds thanks to the successful control really well. Thanks to a virtual stick on the left side of the screen, the event is hidden only for the Picking up of objects of the own fingers. Most of the attacks in a different direction to give, what gives the heroes extra flexibility. This is particularly the boss battle that we played with three players, a positive impact. So you are allowed to Dodge with a bit of feeling at the same time enemy attacks, and various long range attacks on the opponent.

Many questions

Still have questions, we have the character system. So the inventory was still locked, because it is simply not yet developed. It remains an open question whether one takes the already relatively simple character values such as strength or intelligence, from the big model or more simplified. Also about the payment model developer Blizzard is silent. It is clear that the Story has the same scope, and instead of voiced dialog, especially with superimposed Text will be staged. At the Start of the eight zones will be available to inferior in extent to those of the “Diablo 3” in anything – including smaller underground random dungeons.


Even if the implementation for the most part, have managed to feel “Diablo Immortal” hold still, like a mobile game. This also means that both the character development and the Story is more important in comparison to the big expenses. Also as the Gameplay developed, must only still show up. However, we are here optimistic, because the hero can without a lot of finger knots on cell phone taxes. So, we are curious whether the game on the mobile phone boosts similar looks like the parts of the main trigger series on the PC. This also includes a fair payment model, the flattening is not endless Monster or real money required to get decent equipment then. With its real-money auction house for “Diablo 3”, Blizzard in this respect, already in the nettles.