won For Eliane Müller (29) in 2012, “The biggest Swiss talents” (“DGST”), has changed their lives fundamentally. But something remained the same: the friendship nine Kanti-colleagues.

over 15 years Ago, the ten Girls met at the Canton school in Hochdorf LU know, since then, they have to be separated hardly from each other. “I share everything with my girls. Secrets there are in this circle,” says Eliane. Today you will meet at least ten Times in the year, to the respective birth-days, to Pizza-eating. “Small, oven-self-made, from the Raclette. It has become a Tradition for us.”

talent show-victory is not clouded the friendship

she is now in Switzerland with her music, had no impact on the Meeting of the woman clique. “With you I can be myself. This is the greatest gift you can give to me.” Only when she was studying before her talent show victory in the Canton of Ticino, had been in Contact difficult. But with Whatsapp and “enhanced Pendlerei” is also gone.

their men, including Miller’s friend Markus Peter (38), during the meetings at home. “These evenings are owned solely by women. There are also times things are discussed, and the men none of your business,” she says, laughing. Anyway, it is important for you to be in a relationship-free space. “A Couple of the sticks constantly to each other, we are not. He has his men, evenings, nights I and my Wife. The more we enjoy the time together.”

It even went in the holidays,

Recently, under Müller took with your troop to a week-long Trip to the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. There they rented a Finca, went surfing, and play Board games until late into the night. Of course musical foods, not missing yesterday published the Album “Eliane samples from Miller”. “My Friends are my toughest critics. If you like the music, like the Fans.”