the decisions not to give it, apparently, but recommendations. The DFL wants to be the unscheduled General Assembly is expected on the 31. March prepare. The nationwide ban on contact in the fight against the Corona Virus has exacerbated the situation in the football.

The Bureau with speaker and managing Director Christian Seifert at the top via switching of a conference is in session, to proceed to the next prepare. Other members of the Board Peter Peters (FC Schalke 04), Jan-Christian Dreesen (FC Bayern München), Oliver Leki (SC Freiburg), Stefan Schneekloth (Holstein, Kiel, Germany), Rüdiger Fritsch (SV Darmstadt 98), Oke Göttlich (FC St. Pauli), Alexander Wehrle (1. FC Köln), as well as DFL-Director Ansgar Pan.

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Bundesliga-break could be extended until the end of may

Given the scale of the pandemic in the thinking models anyway, only so-called mind games without Fans in the stadiums. A quick cancellation of the season, sporting Director Fredi Bobic from the first division club Eintracht Frankfurt, the two infected players in its ranks does not hold, even for required. “I believe that there is this game room. Nevertheless, it should be our goal, to play the season before the end,” said the Ex-national striker.

Officially, the game is exposed to operating in the Bundesliga to the 2. April. No longer is that the already of the DFL as unrealistic classified appointment on the first weekend in April is a season of continued preservation. In a re-evaluation of the break could even be extended again until the end of may.

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Normally, the season ends on 16. May

In the Executive session, the DFL should it go to game-plan scenarios, but also to the financial situation of the clubs. Through the Transmission of Mind, the club could save at the money from TV revenue and sponsors.

Normally, the season ends on 16. May. By the end of the European championship next year, the leagues have more leeway. Meanwhile, renowned virologists do not expect even up to the end of the year with a regular sport with spectators.

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Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease