Japanese scientists are working on a special device by which we can understand Pets, reports RIA “Novosti”, citing the press service of the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology of the Country of the rising sun.

In a recently published White paper on science of the government of Japan described the forecast for the next 20 years. It says that in the future people will be able to fully understand their Pets. The Department explained that izobretaet brain-computer interface (NIC).

“we are Talking about creating a machine that connects the brain and the machine functional magnetic resonance imaging, artificial intelligence, devices for the transmission of thought, the provision of assistance to those suffering from deaf-mutism,” said the Japanese officials.

The development will allow scientists not only to talk to animals, but also to transmit thoughts at a distance. Studies in this direction are Toshitaka Suzuki and Yukiyasu Kamitani from Kyoto University, Ryouhei Hasegawa from the National Institute of advanced industrial science and technology (AIST), as well as the company “international Institute of advanced telecommunications research”. They are directed on rendering of medical aid to paralyzed people and those who are not able to speak.

Earlier it was reported that the staff of the University of California in San Francisco have created a brain implant that can play the phrases “made” in the brain. Prior to this, the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg spoke about the development of special interface that helps to manage virtual reality using the power of thought.