Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (58, FDP) from the development assistance new. And no person brings this more aptly to the point than that of the newly appointed Deputy chief of the Directorate for development and cooperation (SDC), Christian Frutiger. The 53-Year-old was previously the chief lobbyist for the food multinationals, Nestlé.

Frutiger is a strategy to promote the Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) in the coming years: the cooperation with corporations.

in the Future, the Federal government wants to take on projects more frequently partnerships with the private sector, in order to inspire companies with attractive loans or guarantees, to participate in the support of the Poorest in the world – development aid as an investment.

aid agencies and Economists are skeptical

However, the cooperation with the private sector has pitfalls. Not only do many charitable works, and Economists are sceptical, also the Department of internal worries, the plans for agitation.

Having regard to the public law Sunday, one could see a confidential inspection report by the EDA. The 35-page document, dated on the 20. June 2019, stated: “There is no official strategy on cooperation with the private sector.”

More: before, concepts of the SDC thought would have to be reconsidered in terms of cost, control, and any reputational risks.

crunching in the rafters

For Zoff the item “financial market provides the mainly-oriented” projects, a concept paper has been approved by the SDC Directorate already. Therefore, the Management of such humanitarian programs, for which the Federal government loans or guarantees, and grants to private companies to be outsourced to an external company. This is mainly because the only way the financial market specialists could be hired to “industry standard” Salaries. Bank wages for development assistance.

The EDA inspectors, however, the SDC now make a dash through the bill – at least for now. In their report they warn: “A job of bankers with high Salaries in a AG in connection with development aid money could also mean the potential reputational risks for the EDA.”

modernisation “inevitable”

The criticism of the inspectors already had consequences: On request from Sunday view EDA spokesman Tilman Renz said: “The SDC has decided for the time being against the creation of a new project structure.” You strive to set for the promotion of the private sector to already existing structures.

Renz acknowledges that in the course of the modernization of the Swiss development aid “inevitable” is that it is coming to a “crunch in the rafters”. This “in the sense of learning effects, adjustments and enhancements of the systems”.

for the time being, no partnerships

How highly it evaluates the EDA is a need for action, shows a further measure. For a part of the cooperation projects with the private sector – such “, with potentially higher risks” – was, according to has difference a Moratorium.

exists as Long as the SDC’s not a professional solution for the handling of such funding models will be made in sensitive areas, contrary to the strategy of Cassis for the time being, no partnerships with Private more.

it remains Unclear which projects are affected by this measure. Eligible partnerships come by as the Federal government is in Mexico a received. The SDC tense with a former CS Banker and invested million in a private company, which offers treatments for diabetic and therefore at a market rate of return targets.