Developed a simple and rapid test for detection of coronavirus

a Quick rapid test for the detection of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV created in China. It is easy to transport, simple, has high sensitivity. And allows to obtain the result in 8-15 minutes, in contrast to tests that provide an answer for the coronavirus within 5-8 hours.

a Kit for rapid analysis developed by the Chinese National Institute for control and prevention of viral diseases along with a high-tech company from Wuxi city, reports TASS.

the Outbreak of the novel coronavirus that causes a bilateral inflammation of the lungs, occurred in China in late 2019. 29 Jan 2020 Russian genkosuljstvo in Guangzhou was informed that Beijing gave Moscow the genome of the novel coronavirus. On the basis of the genome Russian scientists have developed rapid tests that identify the virus in the human body for two hours. Now, Chinese experts have improved the of the Russian the result eight times.

In China, 213 people died from illnesses caused by coronavirus. Another 9720 person was infected.

In the nearly 12-million city of Wuhan, where there is an outbreak of infection for cases for the week is planned to build a specialized hospital. But the infection has gone beyond the borders of China. The coronavirus identified in 19 countries around the world. Cases is in Australia, Vietnam, Germany, India, Italy, Cambodia, Canada, Malaysia, Nepal, UAE, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, USA, Thailand, the Philippines, Finland, France and Sri Lanka and Japan.

the Genome of the coronavirus alone has allocated to experts of Japanese National Institute of infectious diseases. Coronavirus was isolated from scrapings of the mucosa of the larynx ill patient, identified on the Japanese Islands. In the experiment, the selected virus has infected other cells. Japanese experts hope that the release of the genome of the coronavirus will help the development of effective drugs and improved treatments and the development in the near future vaccines from 2019-Nov.

Russia has picked up the new coranivirus yet. Moscow closed the Russian-Chinese border to prevent the entry of coronavirus across the border. This solution is temporary until March 1.