Developed a rapid test for the detection COVID-19 at home

“to Perform an analysis, in principle, possible even at home, as they use a fairly simple method of isothermal amplification. For diagnosis, if the rapid test gives a positive result, you will need to carry out more in-depth analysis,” – said “RG” head of the laboratory of pharmacogenomics of icbfm SB RAS Maxim Filipenko.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI Coronavirus. Chronicle distribution

For the test, a person is taken nasopharyngeal swab stick with a cotton swab fits into the vial. Then there is added a special reagent that destroys the virus. The sample is processed in a certain way, and the final stage is the process of isothermal amplification. “It is, in fact, the heating of the sample in a water bath, which is carried out for 30-40 minutes, told Filipenko. – The result is a visual identification on a “traffic light”: if in the sample there are fragments of the virus, the solution becomes green. If the virus is no longer present, the solution becomes orange”.

To test the operation of the test system do not have to use the biomaterial of infected people, our scientists have created a synthetic virus-like particle on the basis of data on genome COVID-19, published by the Chinese colleagues. The study showed that the test is sensitive if the smear contains not less than 20 viral particles.While we are talking about the prototype test system, it is possible to make a samples of the test sets ready for production, and use in common medical practice.

Photo: EPA-EFE/Gailan Haji Israeli scientists have created a vaccine against coronavirus

“we are Talking about the primary identifying infected people, – said the scientist. We were set the task of making a simple test system which can be used in everyday life. You can compare with holding a pregnancy test or use a home glucose meter, which is used by diabetics to control the level of glucose in the blood. For diagnosis perform more in-depth analyses performed in the laboratory using expensive reagents and sophisticated equipment.”

Filipenko also noted that in order for the prototype test system it was possible to introduce, produce and apply, it is necessary to conduct clinical trials and check and is quite a long process that can take more than six months.