A terrifying video from Detroit shows a police vehicle forcefully breaking out of a circle of chanting protesters, carrying some of them on the hood. The department said the officer behind the wheel “tried to escape” the crowd.

Footage of the incident shows the SUV surrounded by dozens of activists. The vehicle suddenly accelerates and stops several times, as people around it scream in fear. Some of the protesters were knocked to the ground while others tried to cling to the hood as it was speeding away.

Detroit Police Department drove into 10-12 protesters including myself. Multiple people are going to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses say several people were injured in the incident.

The police blamed the chaotic scene on “agitators” who jumped onto the hood and roof of the vehicle and broke the rear window. “The officer tried to escape,” the department told the Detroit News.

The department promised to investigate the actions of both the protesters and the officer behind the wheel.

The incident happened on Sunday as people in Detroit took part in the latest protests against police brutality and racism in the US.

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