After criticism, West German Broadcasting (WDR) limits the use of a journalist as a ARD “daily topics” commentator because of his political Green Office. The question was raised on social media as to how independent the WDR journalist Detlef Flintz was because he had commented on energy issues, for example. Flintz is secretary on the board of the Greens in Grevenbroich in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The “Rheinische Post” first reported on the consequence that the public broadcaster now drew. The local political commitment of the colleague had not previously been known to the WDR.

The WDR informed the dpa: “In the knowledge of the local political commitment of the colleague, we will also orientate himself in his case to our code of conduct. As a result, we will no longer suggest him for opinion pieces on topics that could appear biased.”

The broadcaster emphasized: “Our most important benchmark is our credibility and independence.”

Ursula von der Leyen mourns the loss of her pony Dolly. A wolf reportedly killed the animal. “The whole family is terribly affected,” says von der Leyen.

Attention allergy sufferers! A grocery wholesaler is recalling pasta because not all ingredients are listed on the label.

Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland customers currently have to consider a sausage recall. Listeria have been found on the product. The batches affected have been expanded. Which products are affected and how consumers get their money back.