At least four of the 32 freed in Belarus Russians declared fighters of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner, found traces of the brutal use of force. It is reported by Telegram-channel WarGonzo citing sources from the Belarusian side.

Among the Russians, received injuries including broken ribs, internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries. As reports the edition with reference to the Russian investigating authorities, some of the freed Russians will send to the procedure for the removal of a beating, where their injuries will be documented.

Earlier men told about the conditions of detention in prisons. According to them, they were in solitary confinement, where they had to sleep on the bunks without mattresses. During interrogation, the Belarusian security forces threatened them heavy prison terms of up to life, and the death penalty.

Russians arrested July 29 on suspicion in connection with an unregistered candidate in presidents of Belarus Sergei Tikhanovski. According to the Belarusian security services, “PMCs soldiers” trained in the country a terrorist attack and riots. 14 Aug 32 of 33 detainees were released and sent to Russia. The latter showed a Belarusian passport, which he was forced to stay.