Although energy prices are rising and the heating season has not yet officially started, almost half of Germans heat up in September. These include people in the home office in particular, a new survey shows. 32 percent of the people who have not yet heated their homes justify this with the increased prices.

Even before the usual heating period begins in October, almost half of the people in Germany have turned on the heating. According to a survey by the energy service provider Techem, 46 percent of people use the heating in September. People who work from home are particularly inclined to create a comfortable temperature at home: 57 percent of them are already heating. Respondents with gas heating are somewhat more reluctant: only 42 percent turned on the radiators, while respondents who use other energy sources showed a greater willingness to heat (50 percent).

Those interviewed who have not used heating up to now were not primarily reluctant because of the high energy prices. 63 percent of those surveyed stated that they still found the room temperature at home to be sufficient. Only around one in three respondents (32 percent) gave the fear of high additional payments as a reason.