the major bone of contention in an election year, the framework agreement with the EU. Only BDP and GLP say a confident Yes to the Treaty. Even in the FDP, the reservations against the agreement are reported (LOOK). And all the other parties are more likely to be on a no-course.

Even the Federal Council can not be marked by rings, to sign the contract. And renegotiations, as they require different pages, rejects the EU.

In this Situation, the national Council must now decide whether Switzerland is again making a financial contribution to reduce economic and social disparities between the old and the new EU countries.

It’s about 1.3 billion

The Federal Council has requested Parliament to approve a framework credit for a total amount of 1.3 billion Swiss francs. In addition to the traditional recipients – the countries in the East of the EU – should also be given to those countries in the EU money, which are particularly affected by Migration.

It is likely to be an emotional debate – and the fronts are not confusing:

The foreign policy Commission of the national Council against the payment. But money should only flow when the EU recognises the equivalence of the Swiss exchange regulation and Switzerland can participate in the research program “Horizon”.The state policy Commission calls for a different distribution of funds: The amount for the Eastern States is to be reduced, the increase of Migration-affected States.The SVP requested on the template is not to advocate or to the Federal Council rejected. Since the Federal Council had decided not to take a clear stance to the framework agreement, the question as to whether he would make the payments at all, she argues.The Left wants to underline all the terms and conditions and pay the money.The Federal Council also wants to pay the money to strengthen the cohesion within Europe. Switzerland had to rely on a secure, stable and prosperous Europe, he wrote in his message to Parliament. The Council of States said Yes, but

The Council of States had approved in the winter session of the cohesion billion, the payments, but on a condition: If, and as long as the EU disk to take discriminatory measures against Switzerland, is supposed to flow, no money.

This applies, for example, for the so-called exchange equivalence. Although the Swiss stock exchange formally fulfilled all the criteria, does not want Brussels to recognize them as equivalent. Currently, there are only a recognition trial. In June, she is not running – if the Federal Council signed the framework agreement.

money for vocational education and training and fewer refugees

The cohesion of a billion to be paid out over ten years. In the East of the EU, among other things, vocational education and training projects to be financed. With the resources of the migration of credit States in their efforts to support the asylum structures and a more efficient asylum and return procedures.

The legal basis, Parliament had agreed to earlier. Unlike the first cohesion billion was taken, however, not a Referendum. A referendum will not be. (sda/sf)