Switzerland is a hot vote, battle. This or next year, the Initiative “Yes to the concealment prohibition” in front of people, behind the the SVP-near Egerkinger Committee. The Initiative aims at banning the burqa, the full body cloak, the mainly Muslim women in Pakistan and Afghanistan wear.

The concern in the people has a good chance – after all, similar people were coveting adopted in the cantons of Ticino and St. Gallen. Not without reason in the tourism sector in the country tremble, therefore, before the national Initiative. They fear that could feel travelers from the Arab region, who are mostly Muslim, a burqa ban is less welcome. Indeed, very few Arab women would be affected by a ban, however, the Swiss tourism Association says in a position paper.

, 2.5%

Presents only the question whether a burka fewer Arab tourists, a ban really would travel to Switzerland. The money you spend now makes up at least 2.5 percent of the total tourism income in the country, and the trend is sharply on the rise. The “Aargauer Zeitung” writes.

Figures from Austria, the industry is expected to calm down but something: There, the number of tourists has increased since the adoption of the burqa ban in the fall of 2017. Across the country, the number of Arab tourists in 2018 increased compared to the previous year by 12 percent, in the Arab-Hotspot Zell am see by as much as 45 percent.

Many seem to have not known

If the Arabs, the burqa ban simply doesn’t care, or without the ban even more of them would come from is not clear.

it is Conceivable that many of the guests did not know that a burka ban: In the summer season alone in the police cell had to inform the lake, 200 burka-makers about the ban. Most of the women would have accepted this, and her veil removed, quoted the local newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten”, the local chief of police. Only those who have donned the burqa then again, it would have collected a fine of 30 euros. (kst)