It has now for more than a week not been possible to get shelled the hair and trimmed the pages of the country’s hairdressers.

Had the man gone and been waiting for its time, which has now been cancelled, so one must let the split ends and the long nakkehår stand a little longer. While many may take comfort from the fact that they are yet working from home, where the disheveled hair can be stored away, so are other more desperate. Several customers have tried to persuade the local hairdressers in Skive and the surrounding area to cut them in private.

“We know the customers well, and many feel that they might well equal can call or send a message, where they ask if they can be cut in private,” says Gitte Christensen, who is alderman in the Washer Frisørlaug, to the TV Midtvest.

in Order to avoid some of the 31 hairdressers in the guild falls for the temptation in the economic depressed times, has made a clarion call to both customers and colleagues, where it is requested to let the hair grow and the scissors being in the closed salons.

Of the guild proclamations, it is apparent, however, that you already have heard of hairdressers that offers a cut at the home of the people.

And the demand is there. No, because they do not feel that they can do without a haircut, while others just want to help and support their local hairdresser.

the Hairdressers was closed down by the government last Wednesday because of coronaviruses. The hairdressers work in a profession where contact with customers is close, and that is why thousands of salons now closed for new times until after easter.