Although both Michael Wendler (50) and his ex-wife Claudia Norberg (50) have financial problems, they still seem to live a more than comfortable life.

As the “Bild” reports, Claudia Norberg is said to have even bought a luxury house in Florida in 2019, which she offers for rent on Airbnb. But how does something like this work despite bankruptcy and creditors who want their money back from Wendler-Ex?

According to the newspaper, Norberg owns a company called “Impression”, an asset management company. But she is not the official managing director herself, but her mother Waltraud Norberg, who lives in Gladbeck – sometimes alternating with daughter Adeline (20) or her tax consultant Thomas Hill.

With this trick, Claudia Norberg could cheat her money past insolvency administrators, such as a sum of 430,000 euros, which she received from her ex-husband Michael Wendler after the divorce, according to “Bild”. According to documents obtained by the newspaper, Norberg’s mother bought the house in Cape Coral on behalf of the company.

When “Bild” asked Waltraud Norberg last year, she said she had no idea. Subsequently, she is said to have been discharged as managing director in the meantime. Currently, however, she is again listed as the managing director of “Impression”.

Claudia Norberg has been silent on the report so far. Her ex-husband Michael Wendler already protested last year that he had done nothing wrong: “I never paid the divorce sum to Waltraud Norberg, but directly to my ex-wife via check. For larger sums or the final special payment, the amount was transferred to the account specified by Claudia.”

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg separated in 2018 after nine years of marriage. The two have been divorced since May 2020.

Michael Wendler has financial problems. The tax authorities are said to have intervened in both Germany and the USA. But the singer and his wife Laura do not want to reduce their lifestyle for a long time.

While Michael Wendler has been in financial difficulties for a long time, his wife Laura Müller has a decent income from TV appearances and advertising.

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