In Moscow at the age of 52 years died Konstantin Krylov, chief editor of the magazine “Issues of nationalism” and one of the intellectual leaders of the radical Russian nationalism of the last two decades.We have many purely formal reasons, to honor the memory of Krylov as a man of outstanding honor and in the expected neutral value (mark as important social event), and Express sincere sympathy to the family (a very long time, almost half of my life constantly aching Constantine is survived by four daughters) and associates (we know that among them are many of our readers, and colleagues in “b” there are internal standards, but there is no internal political barriers).Wings it would agree with these formalities. He is a philosopher and author of philosophical works, he is one of very active and respected journalists, he is a popular writer Mikhail Kharitonov. Krylov we remember (I’m not your partner, other, may, with the approval of) and as one of the leaders of the radical wing and chauvinistic Russian nationalism — the term “leader” for this political movement in his face fully applicable, the patterns of twentieth-century admired him, believed him, followed him, and it was in Russian nationalism of this century the most influential wing, and the wings largely this reason. Constantine was the political leader: in all attempts of Russian nationalists to establish some kind of functioning structure of the unregistered National-democratic party and the NGO “FAMILY-Russia” was, in fact, the only any consistent political project “political Russian”. “Issues of nationalism” is the only Russian organ, at least similar to an academic publication for “political Russian”: all other attempts outside of the repertoire of Newspapers or leaflets to go not even claimed. In addition, Krylov — an outstanding, organic and brightest anti-Semite and a preacher of hatred of the stranger, with his departure, the Russian society, I hope, a little free from the influence of this sermon.However, the fact that the wings about himself, I think, knew perfectly well, and it is impossible not to note about the dead — what I think. All shiny and causing the rage of determination turn out to be medals of tin, almost from the cans of green peas cut. I am very far from philosophy, and especially of its Russian branches blooming pretty wild rastsvetochki flowers. But even a superficial study of the question, few people will lead to thoughts that died Russian Rene Guenon or Herman Wirth. If so, then I am compelled to Express my condolences to the philosophy of Russian nationalism in General. This, of course, cannot be taken seriously, and that no one takes seriously. The more pitiable decadetie “issues of nationalism”. Of course, all these pseudo-science books have never been possible to perceive as something necessary why other than self-consolation of the authors. Even those who were arguing about the mind of Vadim kozhinova with his opponents, in this edition there is hardly even five pages in defense of those creations: the cheerful spirit of postmodernism rushing from them like a devil from a box, and the stupid one magazine writer who doesn’t get it. Wings, of course, understood this very well, because all his literary experiments — the same sins of postmodernism.In these demons, Constantine, always saw himself no less than Luther, continuously throwing inkwells with colored fluorescent ink, and on the wall in front of his Desk (because the writer must be a solid Desk!) we could see something like a reproduction of Jackson Pollock. In the form of printed text that print — “the adventures of Pinocchio” — an outstanding monument of upremacy and brightest graphomania, which is not save not only fantastically inventive pornographic burlesque, but also deep, detailed dive-in dialogue with the world of Soviet prose fiction. The wings are genuinely hated in the Russian Soviet, even more than the Jewish and especially hate them in recent years, Islamic — but not, of course, was that Soviet free.This text was a very stupid, stupid like Pinocchio, but isn’t this stupidity we find in the entertainment of our twenty-first century? I think the novel became a national bestseller due to the fact that he is not stupid But he still had popularity. However, the continuing literary pobivanie Krylov his own internal Jew, alas, was unsuccessful so senseless and merciless the text of his novel could not have endings, only endless thousand-page continue. And it was a clever trap of the present world in terms of who is hopelessly stuck in the past, the twentieth century, prudish and sentimental.This trap worked everywhere and always. Ten years many feared Krylov and his political activity, and I always smile I had seen once in the depths of the Russian movement the main photograph of the “Russian Fuhrer”: this is the Kostya? Good, beauty! Kostya was angry, but tried not to show it. For him, obviously, simple was this a logical course that was opened at the legend Ryazan chemists, if a kilo of traditionalism mixed with a kilogram of postmodernism, you get two pounds of postmodernism. “Russian March”, the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus,” the logos of the KIND, “Russian protection” and all other phenomena, driven largely Krylov, have always had this mechanism, unlike the simple-minded knife a simple Russian guy from the outskirts, which, in his opinion, seized the life of a random Kirghiz or Armenian. By the way, it’s hopeless “stuck life” for the Krylov was, alas, absolutely serious. He’s always wanted, craved more, and that was modern. And always still a bit limited myself — extremely outdated.And why in this case we write of the death of the invalid in this century, the second, Vladimir Purishkevich? Krylov was — and we remember — another important and really the most valuable person. He was the source. He was a fierce opponent, debater and critic, a sincere hater who can’t have a relationship to his enemies. He walked along the path going almost all Russian chauvinists, and do not convert their hatred into banknotes: Krylov remained poor, although this terrible burden. And he was always ready cynical and tirelessly to subvert any authority on old-fashioned rules, which the twentieth century set to create these authorities.Associates Krylov spent half of my life to puzzled to ask him: o chief! why, why don’t just use a knife, because it is so clear and effective? Why true Russian all these letters? He didn’t have an answer, but there was a conviction, which is all the misconceptions: the truth is text.Remains the belief of nothing is a foregone conclusion, and it is a threat and a consolation. Where the contempt comes cold indifference, will be lost all the cases of all parties the time will come when those who do not read, write, and never laughs.