Susanna Fassbind it’s called the “fourth pillar in the pension system”: Who helps the elderly receive a time credit that can be redeemed in old age. The project will remain supported by an Association called the KISS, which “is intended to mean Keep It Simple and Small”, so easy and manageable.

With your idea in 2015 won Fassbind to the first competition of ideas “request lock”. “The winner increases the credibility of the project,” says price. At that time there was in Switzerland, three cooperatives, to implement your idea, now there are 14.

Until the end of April ideas for submit

Now the competition is up and running again. By the end of April, can be submitted on the website of the “request lock” ideas. “It is best to have a concrete, feasible project,” advises Fassbind. At the final presentation of the best ideas in the castle of Thun in front of a large audience, it’ll help, if you be authentic and live what you preach.

On the to: Fassbind not wear Jeans, no sneakers, don’t have a Smartphone: “This is slave labour,” commented the woman, who lectured at the ETH in Zurich for many years about the issue of sustainability. Her clothes were partially jahrzehntealt. “I always keep my figure.” She is a vegetarian, lives mostly even vegan, has no car driving licence, and for thirty years, no more plane boarded.

Fassbind is barely died to bremesen

On the idea of time credits came Fassbind, as her mother in the nursing home. At the time, she didn’t always have time to be there for your mother; she is not someone who relieved them occasionally. “KISS my mother would have been able to stay longer at home,” said Fassbind. Relatives relief is the most important power in the KISS System. Add to this the conversations, help, and minor household repairs, walks and hikes.

Susanna Fassbind is hard to stop. On the basis of well-Known, it has presented again this year the ideas for the “request lock”. Exact does not want to betray you: “It comes to digitization, and therefore, public administration closer to the population together.”

up to 30. April may be submitted under ideas for theme: How can the benefit of a policy, the diversity, the economy to bring more? Who delivers one of the ten most convincing proposals, can 18 am. June at the castle of Thun in front of 150 representatives from business and politics to present. The winner of the Meeting with the secretaries-General of all the major parties, as well as a trip around the world to wave by All-Around-the-World Ticket. Initiators of the competition Strategiedialog21 and Swiss
Venture Club.