a Star is Wearing the clothes of a designer, this is for a fashion Creator is usually a great honor and a reason for joy. Not so for Marcelo Burlon (39): The Italians yelled in the network against Madonna (60), after the Pop has been scanned Diva in his designs.

The singer was photographed a few days ago, at the airport in New York in a training suit of the brand County of Milan. Marcelo Burlon is a creative Director of the label and railed on Facebook about Madonna. He described the pop star as a “la cessa,” according to “Daily Mail”, an Italian Slang expression that translates as “human toilet”. “The time that Madonna, wearing a human toilet, County of Milan, has come. I guarantee you no one has given something for nothing, but you bought it with your money,” he wrote.

in the Meantime, the Designer has deleted the hate Post and apologized to Instagram for this: “I made a big mistake and would like to apologise for my stupidity. (…) I would like to ask for forgiveness and Regret compared to Madonna and to all that I offended or got hurt, Express it.”

“Not anti-woman reasons,”

And further: “I have arbitrarily and irresponsibly used an Italian insult, to describe you.” The expression he used often in conversation with friends, now I have noticed, however, that he could not Express in social media, in the same tone. “My intention was never to provoke hatred or hostility. I made a naive, stupid mistake, but not anti-woman reasons, this was never my Motivation. (…) I want to learn from my mistakes.”

“shame, shame, shame”

on The net the Designer for his nasty remark, ridicule and criticism reaping. The Instagram Account Diet Prada writes: “he proves that He is human waste. (…) It is time for him and his brand together with other anti-woman designers to saw off.” The Italian male model Carlo Sestini wrote: “shame, shame, shame.” The German presenter and actress Palina Rojinski (34) the action of the designer, underground and commented on Instagram with a Kotz-Smiley.

The apology from him just a few Users. “It is the year 2019, you Grandfather. Enough with women Shaming!”, according to one critic. “It is obvious that he has not written himself. You read the PR out of it,” said a User. Madonna commented on this so far. (kad)