The founder of the company Tazeros Global Systems Arthur Hechuan calculate the rating of candidates in presidents of Belarus, including the incumbent head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko. The results of the study are available on the website of the company.

Analyst was based on data of 6.93 million Belarusian unique users — real people in any way on social networks. It is more than two-thirds of the population, which, according to estimates of the National statistical Committee of the Republic of January 2020, is 9.4 million people. The sample consisted of users without avatars and meaningful publications. To calculate the rating of candidates used information space for the last three months.

According to the results of the analysis, the re-election Lukashenka is supported 3.8 percent of the study audience, that is a total of 263 thousand people. 62.6 per cent (or 4.3 million people) believe that Lukashenka must resign from the post of President. 72 percentage of users (nearly five million) are ready to vote for any candidate other than Lukashenka, found Hechuan. In the elections of the President are willing to participate 47.2 percent of the study audience, that is 3.2 million people.

Analysts also estimate that 7.2 percent of Belarusian users are experiencing pressure at work in connection with the requirement to put signatures for Lukashenka. 14.1% of the audience (nearly a million people) are ready to participate in protests.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. The majority of Lukashenka’s opponents announced plans to run for a sixth term, were detained, among them the most popular candidates — banker Victor Babariko and blogger Sergei tikhanovski. In Minsk and other big Belarusian cities held peaceful protests, accompanied by the arrests of demonstrators.

Stretch Lukashenko is President of Belarus since July 1994. His sons Viktor and Dmitry held high public office in the Belarusian authorities.