It’s not going well for the SVP. In the autumn a sensitive defeat in the election threatens to be the largest party in Switzerland. Some of the exponents speak in whispers of a massacre that was imminent, the right-wing party. In spite of – or because of – the shutdown in the framework agreement with the EU does not stand up to the Europe policy as a campaign vehicle. Similarly, the immigration, which of the SVP gave four years ago, a historic victory. The alarm mood in the party headquarters is reflected in the election campaign that will be launched next week. The Plot shows an Apple, marked with the Swiss cross, eaten by maggots.

party is clueless

So Yes, all understand who is meant by this underground comparison, are marked the maggots with the colors of the political opponents of the SVP, as well as with the flag of the EU. With a democratic contest that has little to do, this dehumanization of political opponents is reminiscent of the darkest hours of the 20th. Century. That is, the party is clueless and shows on the other. To those climate protesters, for example, the “chained with bloodied clothing to the Covenant house,” as party chief Albert Rösti (52) says. The SVP use this visual language, the dangers to which the country highlight this. Rösti looks a plot going on, all parties except his own, would be waving after the elections, the framework agreement due to, he believes. You must draw attention. “If this agreement, including the automatic Takeover of EU law, have been destroyed in our country,” says the Bernese Oberland. A Berseker-argument, which becomes the left-hand resistance against the contract text be aware of.

“The beautiful Swiss Apple is actually hollowed out!”, he cries out. “Also in the interior by means of levies and taxes on the people in the country.” Or by immigration, against which no one may take anything, except just at the SVP. It had come in the past 13 years, a Million people in the country. And so Röstis party insulted the other parties on the Federal Council as vermin. The moderation, the political balance, the Foundation of the Federal state, on the values of the SVP is calling so much, with feet. At the end of the legislature, the fear of the verdict of the voters must be huge.