Director of the Institute for media, architecture and design “Strelka” Varvara Melnikova described a possible future of cities in the era of postpandemic coronavirus. Her words quoted by Forbes.

Scenarios, there are many, said Melnikov. “It seems to me that the city in the era of postpandemic is primarily a pedestrian city. This town, which will provide the ability to recover from stress, which we all are now”, she said.

One of the tools of psychological relief for citizens may become parks. “It’s not just about the fact to perform some events, but also about the fact that they need to become safe, all-season spaces, where we can at least see each other,” says Melnikov.

the Townspeople, in her opinion, will think more about how public spaces can contribute to noise reduction and environmental improvement in the city. The building will be a “build dynamic systems” on the first floor which can appear workspaces, where people would come down from their apartments.

“the city of the era of “postpandemic” we will treat each other with care and to appreciate life in the moment”, — said Melnikov.

Thanks to pandemic coronavirus, according to senior researcher Institute of system analysis RAS Alexander Kononov, most Russians realized that actually can work remotely. The same view is shared by the futurist, transhumanist ideologue of the movement Danila Medvedev.